Alex Fach: “The biggest challenge is the uncertainty”

The Corona crisis has shaken up motorsport in the last few months. The calendar has been subject to several adjustments and authorized events must present a rigorous hygiene concept and comply with a lot of requirements, which in addition are regularly modified. FACH AUTO TECH’s Team Principal Alex Fach explains in the following interview, how he and his team are preparing for the new season in this situation.

The season is to start at the beginning of July. How do you see the present situation for yourself and the team?

It’s strange, because normally we’d be in the middle of racing stress at this time of year, with all preparations basically having been completed and focus lying fully on action on the track. But this year everything’s different. We’re still in the middle of organizing the coming season.

What challenges are you facing?

The biggest challenge is the uncertainty, as despite all efforts and plans by those responsible, new information and requirements crop up every day and we have to adapt accordingly. Sustainable planning is hardly possible.

Do these uncertainties have an influence on your season plans?

Yes, of course. It’s extremely difficult to continue seeing our originally planned Supercup and Sports Cup Suisse programme through. A very good organization and a great deal of flexibility are needed, if all necessary preparations are to be correctly made. Our partners have been, and still are, very important in this respect. They’ve always supported us and continue to stand at our side. For which, we’re incredibly grateful. Without their strong support, carrying out our motorsport programme is simply impossible.

What are the team’s concrete preparations?

Now, we have to catch up on lost time. First of all, we have to get testing for the first races underway and even organizing this means a tough grind in the present situation. In addition, travel plans and also compliance with the guidelines on the racetrack involve a great deal of work. All this has to be incorporated into our plans.

From a sportive point of view, what do you hope to achieve in this highly unusual situation?

Our ambition remains unbroken, but the first important success will be achieved when we stand with the other teams on the grid. We’ll take it from there and can then talk about victories and podiums. Anyway, we’re very much looking forward to being back on track again.