Maiden victory for Alexander Fach in Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup

A gigantic surprise in Silverstone, UK: Alexander Fach clinched his first victory in the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, the most popular of all Porsche one-make series making a guest appearance in Great Britain. A strong qualifying performance, an instinctive feeling in the initial phase, as well as cool cleverness and skill during the race paved his road to success.

His hitherto best qualifying position had already indicated Alexander Fach’s ambitions for a top result, but hardly anyone expected the 21-year-old to emerge as the glorious winner celebrating his victory – least of all himself! “Can somebody pinch me please? The Supercup is one of the world’s toughest championships and I’ve always dreamt of standing on the rostrum one day. And now I’ve won my first race, it’s unbelievable,” he said after the race.

He laid the foundations for his success in the race’s initial phase. After a good start from fifth, he managed to keep clear of a start pile-up amongst the leading cars. “That was a close shave. In that situation, you have to decide within a fraction of a second. I was lucky and emerged unscathed and could take the lead,” Fach explained.

The Porsche pilot mastered the following 14 laps with flying colours. He drove error-free and defended the lead of a few milliseconds right till the very end. When the chequered flag dropped, a huge weight fell from team manager Alex Fach’s shoulders too. “This is one of the most wonderful days I’ve ever experienced in motorsport. I can’t express how incredibly proud I am. We have so many people and partners who support us weekend after weekend and believe in us. Today, that was the best way of saying thank you.”

Teammate Gustav Burton received just as much TV coverage as the winner Alexander Fach. The Brit delivered a breathtaking chase during his home game and picked up a total of 13 positions. In the end, he secured sixth place in the Rookie category. Dutchman Morris Schuring returns home with a ninth, after being involved in the collision at the start where he lost valuable positions.

The next Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup race weekend is scheduled for 21 to 23 July in Budapest.